Sunday, October 07, 2007

Balantangilila ba yaweh!

I am here but for the grace of God and I mean that literally and figuratively:-) Jesus certainly has the wheel in this joint coz eeeiiish man!!! My life is a saga and then some! So friday, we ended up not doing sushi due to some scheduling conflicts, but half the gang and I went out for dinner, and partly through someone else called to say we needed to go out for a needless to say we whined a little about it at first, then we got used to the idea and finally after ice-cream we went out to a bar in the area.... i know where it is, but i have no clue what it's called... but I have certainly found the spot where people my age go in the area! Oh and talking of ages... I feel great being older...I just feel so mature, it's awesome! FYI- I am still 21 and will be that age till my first child turns 21...:-) But I digress... too many lights in the room and I can't concentrate:-) So any way, we had a fun night, I danced till my muscles hurt and for the first time in my life... i think i got into bed and was knocked out! Okay i remember getting into my home ALONE and checking my email at 3am (who the hell does that?) then something pissed me off online, then I went to pee... then i have no idea what happened. All I know is that the alarm woke me up at 5 am, coz i forgot to turn it off, and i was under the covers in my birthday suit with the lap top open on the bed...and i'm thinking dear God I hope I didn't respond to any emails...and dear God I thank you for putting me to bed....and dear God I thank you that I am alone!!! Needless to say I was feeling quite "ill" all day saturday, and I didn't leave the house at all. Not even when I had a craving for eggs. I simply settled and ate half a pack of bacon! hey... I'm older now, so i CAN do what I want! Oh and i have some new strange mens numbers in my phone which i need to erase. I rarely call people I meet in bars, but I take their numbers any way especially if they're buying us drinks! lol- sounds skanky, but it's the way of life:-) I do NOT want to be Sixty thinking "WHAT IF?", I am doing my best to make sure that before I meet my maker I can say "I had fun and atleast I tried my best." Today I spent all day in George Town... it was quite enjoyable actually. The weather was awesome-- tell you what, if winter never comes, it really wont bother me one bit! I hate winter!!! Which is a wonder why I didn't move south to say... texas or Florida...ummm. Any way we had lunch at a place I can't pronounce at the water front and dinner at papa razzi...and I had the most glorious mangoe margarita:-) Then we got home and my aunt had 2 cakes from whole foods and some protocolo wine. So my birthday celebs officially end next friday not by my choice ofcourse;) I thank you all my wonderful friends and family for the BEST birthday ever...I think. Though I'm not sure because 1995 might have been better...but who asked me right? lol!

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African girl, American world said...

ok that visual was TMI! I thought you were sober when you wrote this post!
Glad you had a good time :)