Thursday, October 18, 2007

Woe is me...

Today I was having a not so good day, I got some disheartening news and well I just felt fatigued and let down. Sucks to be me right? I unfortunately can't afford to just lock my doors and stay in forever, though I felt like it, but my duty to myself prevents me from doing that:-) I actually thought that I would have felt so much better had I cried, but my emotional responses are sometimes inept:-) But alas! The show must go on:-)

So there I was wallowing in my misery and my little buddy calls me up at the end of the day...and she was going through something similar. It feels like you're in a room with no doors or windows...okay...I think i just spilt too much for the psychologists out there...but hey, it sure makes me feel better to discuss it!

Any way, I put on my favourite music, then I watched pride and prejudice, then i made myself a really SWEET cup of tea and indulged in some swiss chocolates (my other down fall), I feel much recovered now:-)

You know the great thing about me is that my memory is quite short, so I don't get mad for long which really sucks, coz sometimes I want to be mad for a while because some people need to be frowned at longer than others:-) lol!

Oh I can not wait for friday!

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