Sunday, October 28, 2007

Random ramblings of a knackered chick

I have had a great weekend!!! and I also had a great work week.... I really have little to complain about and the one thing that I can complain about really isn't worth the mention:-)

I went to the wine market for dinner and had the most delectable duck! Then we got to buy wine at the end of the night for 15% off! So that was great:-) I wont dare say how many bottles came home with me lest I have a wine guard out there:-)

Hey, how come I don't have a private jet? one of my clients flew in on one last week, and I couldn't help but feel envious!

Today I laughed more than I've laughed all week... I met Tisi at Dulles International Airport and we spent the afternoon laughing our brains out! We had one too many margarita's and when the muchies caught on- we ate huge burgers and fries:-) and as if I didn't have enuff my aunt made me a feast for dinner... so I am well fed and happy and still wondering why I am not THE Mrs Bill Gates!
We spoke nyanja all afternoon and it felt like home... like kaponyas and stuff:)

************************RADOM RAMBLINGS OF A KNACKERED CHICK*********************
Why is it that when you're too nice to people they start to take advantage of you? why can't we just take kindness for what it is and reciprocate in a polite way? I guess that only exists in my utopia...:)

and also ladies.... if your husband out of no where starts working out, loses a few pounds, buys a new wardrobe and shows up with a mercedes that you didn't plan on buying, and "works" late several fridays in a row... you don't gots to be sherlock! get your sh*t together lady! It aint rocket science!

and if you're gonna 'play' 5 guys at once... make sure you have a very high I.Q, chances that they will ever meet are slim to none and that if they do meet you can think very fast on your feet!

and if he's married and giving you money... honey he's a sugar daddy!...hmmmmmm interesting concept! maybe I should find myself one:-) lolololol... I kill me sometimes! :-)

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African girl, American world said...

You DO NOT want to hear my nyanja. It suck major.
And wait a minute, I thought tumbuka folks couldn't do nyanja because of the accent! Was I lied to all my life? LOL