Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breast Cancer march

I arose early at 6am to get ready for the breast cancer march which I was coerced into doing by the gang! I wasn't really decided about going until like this morning and I took a shower cussing under my breath the whole time and was dressed like a professional runner in a few minutes!

At first I was cranky because traffic was bad... (thank God I wasn't driving), there were 30 000 participants, and majority of them had pictures of their dead relatives on their shirt and the reality of cancer had me a little agitated.

Once we got running (haha! fooled you! I walked! everyone knows I DO NOT RUN), I got a little more relaxed... and though I didn't make the 3.5 miles (5 kilometers), I made 2 miles and was diverted into panera:-) I must say though that I haven't walked that far in a while...but i hadn't broken out in a sweat, and my legs didn't feel tired. So I am highly impressed with my level of health. I thought I was worse than that!
I also got face paintings ( old I'm I again?), and many freebies!
I ran into this one lady miss Sharon Davis who entered my life at the moment that I needed her! She was like a guardian angel to me and I was really happy when i saw her today. She really has not real clue what a God send she was because I haven't told her that much, but i promised to be in touch with her, and i'll spill my guts as usual one of these fine days.

Any way, back to today. I am amazed by how big of a turn out they had for the breast cancer march. To be honest, I was doing it because a friend of a friend had cancer, and it's been in remission for a year (she is an awesome lady!).

I on the other hand have only known one person die of breast cancer...while I know many who have died from HIV/ AIDS which normally doesn't have such a great turn out at marches here in Baltimore. To me i feel AIDS awareness is more important than cancer(although its also important), because HIV can be spread to many in a short period time whereas cancer is more 'each man for his own' unless ofcourse you are genetically predisposed.

Baltimore was ranked 3 in the country per JOhns Hopkins( ) in 2003 and could very well be higherr at the moment yet It's not treated the same way it is in Zambia. Every third billboard is of a sexy lady here as opposed to Zambia where it's all awareness and warnings that we probably never heed. It's amazing how many people think AIDS is just an African problem... Baltimore could probably be on par with Zambia if ARV's weren't readily available.

Any way, that's my opinion. Oh and I had a marvelous time at the walk and was invited to a breast cancer survivors house for lunch. She has such pleasant children and the conversation and food was great!

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