Thursday, October 04, 2007

Girls wanna have fun!

I am sooo tired of eating!!! I have been to dinners and lunches every day this week and i feel bloated!!! Yesterday I met up with my vixter!!!! we were sooo excited to see each other we were jumping on the pavement and hugging each other and screaming like we hadn't seen each other in a few months!

We spent time eating and catching up on life issues like and stuff, she was the highlight of my birthday and i am sooo happy she's moved back

Do you ever get days when you walk out the house and people of the opposite sex are starring at you? I get those days when i get so self conscience because too many men are looking at me and i know i'm conceited, but even I know that kind of attention isn't normal... so then i check myself to make sure i'm dressed coz i feel naked! Today was one of those days and what's funny is that I didn't even heave the twins hanging out today, they were well covered with my fancy work shirt!!

Friday is sushi night for my birthday so it's free for me:-) I have many plans for what i'll eat!

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