Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Kite Runner

If you haven't been stressed enough to pick up a copy of the book I suggest you do. Like I said, I opted out of the movie because I really didn't feel like upsetting myself...and trust me, there is one very disturbing part in the book that I don't think one would want to see on screen! That part sets the story in motion, so it's quite important and couldn't be left out.

I think the book is better enjoyed if you can relate to the parts in the beginning. I, as most Zambians would, found that there were several similarities between what the children did during their play time, how their parties were celebrated and understood the juxtapositioned relationship between the master and servant....ect

I loved 'baba' too in the beginning because he was a strong man who seemed morally sane, hard working, ready to do anything for his son...then just like most men, he disappointed me by showing his true colors! How could he not say that Hassan was his son? How could he shamelessly steal his servants wife (the poor man was a sterile cripple with not too much going for him)? Well I guess baba atones for his sins by watching his son grow but not being able to treat him as a son but as a servant and also not knowing where he is and what has become of him for many years. To die and not know here your child is should be a very difficult thing! Oh...yeah did I just ruin the book for you? yeah...baba dies...sorry:-)

Then Hassan...his loyalty. Wow! I like the part where Hassan is described as 'people who mean what they say' and that is so true about me as well for the most part! People like me tend to think other people mean what they say...and it could be described as gullible, which really isn't exactly true. There are just times I think to myself..'why would so and so lie about that when they have no reason to' then i end up believing what they tell me. I personally don't lie unless I have very good cause to, and even then, I lie by omission. So ask me the right questions and you'll get the right answer, or even a partial answer. In general though, I have very poor control of my facial expressions, so really if you want a true response, you had better be looking at my face :-) In any case, if I have something to say to someone it comes out sooner of later... I don't like the stress of unsaid things. I hear you can get cancer from it :-) oh wait! this isn't about me is it???

If you didn't guess that Assef would somehow be with the Taliban or some nasty group like that, then you need to be more observant! I actually thought he would start his own pro- Adolf Hitler group or something...but the Taliban was a fitting group for him!

As for Amir... I was waiting on the drama of finding out Rahim Khan was actually his real father! now that would have made for a dramatic twist!!! I felt sorry for the boy having such a strong father figure because I feel it was somewhat emasculating for Amir!

Any way, If you haven't read the book yet, I hope I enticed you enough to take a peek. I wasn't too excited with the ending...it was anti-climactic... that's just my opinion.

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