Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy easter:-)

Oh wow! Can I just say I am exhausted?????? I haven't had this much mental stimulation in a long time...and I shan't be doing it for a while I don't think!!!!

So Friday...I ran some errands, wasted a bit of time doing nothing in particular....then after making myself tired walking around, I finally rolled into Bethesda, then we immediately went to dinner at some funny Thai restaurant across from the Borders books off Woodmont ave. All I can say is....if you look into a restaurant and you're not sure about it--go to the next place!!! The problem was I have eaten at everything in that street but that one Thai i insisted that we go in. Well lo and behold--the place sucked!!! First of all...they didn't have half the stuff on the 'specials menu'...and to my dismay they had no FISH???? on good friday???? talk about being anti Semitic!!!! like OMG!!!! Then because I couldn't be bothered to read the rest of the menu, I settled for their pineapple shrimp fried rice....another error in judgement. It had 4 shrimp at the top and the pineapple tasted a little off (how do you go wrong with pineapple?). The waiter was totally useless...and were it up to me, he would have never seen a tip.

After our little dinning episode, we went out to 'Juste Lounge' for their sex in the city Fridays (pictures will also be available at at some point in the week)...aaaahhhh the life of a celebrity! *hair toss*. We had a great time! There weren't too many people because I suspect most people go to juste lounge on Saturday's for their International night. I plan on doing one of those at some point and will let you know the verdict. I was impressed with the group of people there any way because although there weren't a lot of us, it was quite lively and everyone got up and danced...and best of all several men bought our drinks! Those are the signs of an excellent bar/ club in my opinion. It wasn't sweaty and full of kids... it wasn't rowdy either, Just a bunch of people looking to unwind and have a few laughs with friends. Yeah European Kids though drink as much as they smoke I think... coz those little un's I went with weren't shy to lift a glass. We went from Vodka and redbull to margarita's to Tequila... we were just randomly naming drinks when someone asked if they could refill our glasses:-)

We got home at 4am... then we were all supposed to get up at 6:30 to head to New York City...what a laugh!!! I woke up at 06:30 as agreed, so I got two hours of sleep. Drove to Baltimore in my pajama's, took a shower at home and made a few phone calls, called those girls and they were still sleeping at 9am! So we didn't leave till like 11...and got to NYC late afternoon and had a splendid time. NYC is over stimulating to me and I really think I should only make one trip every...i don't know...5 years??? There is just too much chaos. I wouldn't be complaining of semi-road rage if I lived there because trust me, it would be FULL blown!!! The best part is I ran into my little jay bird:-) She wont let me put a picture up because she is so paranoid about how she looks in pictures:-)

I did not have a very good dinning experience this weekend I might add. It probably has something to do with the fact that nothing was home cooked. We tried to get into one of the good restaurants in NYC and we couldn't. So we settled on a chain--Applebees. I can not stand chain food, but I was starving, so we went it and wow...! They sat us in between 2 very loud birthday celebrations--not their fault of course. Then we got the menu, and I didn't see any main course worthy of being $20 or more--yet they were and people were lined up by the dozens waiting for tables. The best think I would say off their menu would have to be the Oreo cookie milk shake. I enjoyed drinking it and think it hit the spot. As for their trio blah blah thing--hmmm, it ain't for me!

They had a Macy's flower show which was really cool this weekend end. It was also fun to watch real shoppers shop till they drop:-) Oh and we took a picture with spider man, and went into the barbie house:-) too cool man! too cool.
I was supposed to be co-driving home---wait a minute! how come gas heading towards new york city was only $3.07????? And we're like 10 cents over and more?? who does Sunoco know to get great low rates in those cities??? Shouldn't they cost more? Any way, I was supposed to be co-driving, but lack of sleep was causing me to hallucinate...we left NYC at almost mid-night and I was half asleep and seeing buses and people where they weren't I knew not to touch that wheel:-) I kept sort of awake by talking the whole way because everyone in the back was asleep and I didn't want our kind chauffeur to fall asleep too:-) I slept till something like 9am because my mummy called me then. I tried to sleep later...but oh well. Hunger called and I responded:-) Then here I am....
Happy Easter...and I hope you had a great weekend--lotsa


kokakolafanta said...

Shiiiineeee! I wish I was there to celebrate with you! It looks like it kicked exay:-)

Anonymous said...

you look like your cousin:)

Manena said...

dzikomo kwambiri! It totally rocked man!