Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

hi there!

I know I have been a slacker, but really there has been too much going on in my vida that I hardly have time to write:-)

The joys of working for a catholic institution is that you get Good Friday off... so I am a happy camper:-) I am home all hear me? All day (color purple).

I had a very disturbing conversation with someone on the Dixie chicks documentary 'shut up and sing' their basic conclusion was that if you don't like the USA then get out. I do not understand that way of thinking because I am under the impression that one of the founding principles of this country is freedom of speech and I know that ones freedom must not suppress another's freedom. The little dixie didn't say she was ashamed of America. She said she was ashamed that dabya was from Texas...which is were the chicks are from! But oh no!!! Billy bob and his crew were quick to shout "crucify them!!!". Yet people with the Billy bob mentality were in agreement that the people of I-raq and Afghanistan needed to be liberated so they too could be free to speak their minds!

Well hell! how can you liberate another if you yourself are not liberated and can not French fries unless their name be changed to freedom fries???? To be a good leader, one must lead by setting a good example of what the general masses must do.

Forgive me. I am off my soap box now:-) I just have a hard time understanding certain views you know? They just baffle the heck out of me!

Oh and you know how I thought the hospice patients would weigh me down??? on the contrary no! They are just the jolliest people I have ever met. Some you can hardly tell have only 6 months or less to live. They are bright as day light! I also met a REAL gentleman in the "Ghetto" the other day, and he insisted on walking me to my car and making sure I was safely on my way! That was very refreshing! It was not because he was trying to hit on me either (you know...coz I'm so hot and stuff) it was just because he has great MANNERS!!! It took me a few minutes to regroup after that. I was too chuffed:-).

So for the weekend.... I am off to the DC area... I know right? why don't I just move there:-) any way, I have plans to see my Little cousins (one from England, the other from Belgium) and one of their friends from Morocco. I may take them to either Adams Morgan or Cafe Peju (Juste Lounge) in Bethesda... today or tomorrow... depends on where the wind blows:-) Then I have plans with my friends, which will be awesome!

I know you're thinking Good Friday is a day to reflect and she really shouldn't be a party bunny and all... but the thing is... I am spending all day reflecting and it gets kinda old at some point. Besides, my grandpa's one song says (and so does the Bemba culture) "Ubu lofwa bwali bipa, bulaleta imilandu" which loosely translates as 'an idle mind, is an evil mind' which is true. The more you sit doing nothing, the more time you have to plan crap! Also I think good friday should be celebrated-- I celebrate the fact that someone LOVED me enough to DIE for me. That's quite .... umm.... okay lost my eloquence... but y'all know what I mean!

I may post several times today... idle mind! LOL! Do I hear you complaining? but I'm I bovered though? I'm I bovered???

Oh wait one more though... if I end up giving up my wine habit and having to live at the YWCA because of the recession...I will sue Greenspan... coz his job was to see this coming and take preventative measures to ensure that Manena doesn't end up eating green eggs and ham all day!!! So this good friday, he better be praying that aint so...coz i will take him down and marry Warren Buffet in the process. Oh did I tell you guys that I divorced Bill Gates??? yeah it's over between Bill and I. Forbes listed him as Number 3 or something....and that just wont do!!! I only entertain people that are number me:-) ( you should have seen that one coming!)
I am also eagerly awaiting the supreme court decision on the gun issue in D.C... you know i'll have something to say about that:-)

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