Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am supposed to be lounging indoors today, but not sure how long my joy will last because I can see my little buddies showing up to get me out of the house...:-) really all I want to do is eat... like really eat and watch 'pride and prejudice'....or maybe my other fun dvd's. Then maybe I can listen to music and dance.

I am making Nena's not-so-famous ribs today, so I am really looking forward to lunch oh and I have cheesecake too that I need to take care of:-) I am pretending to celebrate cousin M's birthday which was yesterday *happy birthday mama!*... So really in general, I have been celebrating since

Yesterday was Gabriella's birthday celebration as don't ask me how I got caught up in cooking a HUGE pot of Nshima for the party... and now i feel like I have semi carpal tunnel... dude, I never cook that much nshima! There was so much food though...big sashilad vegetables and another pot of what looked like Katapa...(I should be more observant), then there was fresh tilapia, chicken, sausages, fried know how we roll zed style:-)

After the pwando...(which I didn't intend to stay there that long for but had to wait for Vicky--who is perpetually late!), I went to Dinner with friends, then we went to coldstone creamery for ice-cream...which I don't understand because we were drinking wine:-), then I went dancing and woke up with serious munchies!!!

Yesterday was also Johnny and Vicky's congrats to you guys....:-) Mwabombeni!!!!

Oh and highlight of the week:- The Joint Commission on accreditation of health care were visiting our hospital this past week and anyone who knows the importance of this visit knows it was no fun tip-toeing about the building and hoping not to run into any of the evaluators!!! We were on extra good behaviour and it was well worth it because guess what??? They found ZERO issues with my hospital...and only 3% of hospital's in the United States of America ever get zero dings!!! So that is quite an accomplishment for the facility and I am proud to be working there! The evaluators where especially impressed with my department... so double joy on my part:-)

Then Thursday night...I suddenly got the urge to write at 11pm...of all the things in the world!!! I had been listening to my baby daddy #5 John Legend...and he inspired me! Can I just tell you that I'm like totally in love with John Legend???? He used to be baby daddy number 6, but he's been promoted... so the list now reads:
  1. My real Mr Darcy:-)
  2. Mr. After 5...!!! one day i'll get over!!
  3. Mwenge:-) a.k.a bashi Junior!!!
  4. tie between Denzel Washington and George Clooney
  5. John Legend.... (she don't have to know!)
  6. L.L cool J
  7. Ne-yo (my sexy love!)
  8. Collin firth
  9. Salman Khan
  10. Bandddddeeeeraaasss!

I was thinking that if one were to write a book about me, it would be entitled 'She danced unshackled'. It just seems fitting:-)...

any way it's chow time!!!


African girl, American world said...

mune..tell me how you can go out to dinner after a Zambian spread!!!! If I eat nshima and all that goes along with it, I'm down for the count and need to lie down! I can't believe we ate it twice a day back home home and were so skinny!

Manena said...

I have developed a way of sampling dishes...there's always enough room left for things I really want:-)
We ate it twice and were so skinny because they were not GMO's! Gotta love the Zed government for it's refusal to GMO-nize things:-) I eat more when I go home, yet I lose weight!