Sunday, March 30, 2008

Part deux

All I have done this week is eat, eat and eat!!! Monday, I went out with friends for dinner, then wednesday we had a farewell dinner for a co-worker--and as usual I had people shocked with the size of my cleavage:-) Women all react the same when they see it and men aren't brave enough to comment.

I even ate breakfast twice in one day because I had people buying me breakfast and lunches...:-) dude!! The food this week was better than last week, which is awesome! The best thing that I ate this week would have to be the huge chocolate chocolate chip and fudge cookie:-) ummmm!!

Then Friday I went out for Peggy's B'day dinner at the new Sushi Hana location on falls road. Quite frankly I liked it better than the other location: it's classier, and has more free parking....The food is the same which is a plus, but my favorite waitress is at the other location--which is of course a minus:-)

I spent most of my weekend in D.C. (are you really surprised?) Saturday, we went shopping to leesburg pike, and then we went out to Juste Lounge again--this time to experience the saturday night mingle/ international night thing. I quite liked it. I danced none stop...then when I was doing the dutty wine--my hair piece fell of!!! That was a major Kodak moment:-)lololol!!!! I sinply picked it up and re-adjusted my look!!! Dust yourself off andf try again;-) My leg muscles really hurt, and I think I drank too much...okay I know I drank too much! The last few weeks though I haven't had any wine!!! Can you believe that??? It's been hard liquor on the weekends only and no wine...such a sad day in nenaland. This one dude bought us drinks and then breakfast, then he drove us home...he's in the navy--maybe that's why he has manners, I don't know:-)

We got home at almost 5am, and little miss sunshine (that's me!), was awake by 8am and ready to get going for a fun day in D.C. Now those two little french chicks are too dar gon slow!!! I woke them up early, but they weren't ready till like 2pm or so:-) Then the walking began.....oooohhh Lawwwd! I think we did 5 K with hang overs and just plain tiredness.

We went for the cherry blossom festival and and just had a fun time listening to music, walking around and striking poses...:-)
The day came to an end when we found out that apple in montgomery mall is out of iPhones and so is AT&T!!!!! How gay is that???? The frenchies are trying to buy two to take home with them and the store has no idea when they will restock.

Lawd have mercy...I am so tired! I need to get my behind in bed and will continue this session tomorrow. Ahhh...the life of a social butterfly never seems to have a dull moment:-)


Anonymous said...

The pictures look great M!

Manena said...

I know...that's because I'm in them:-) walked into that one:-)