Sunday, March 09, 2008


If you ever learn anything from me, let it be this: Sin's catch up with you. This invariably holds true.

See, I remember 9th grade we had a prefect called Ursula Thompson. I wouldn't say I was a fan of hers, but till my grave, I will recall what she said in our class one day before she graduated: "Life is a circle and what you do here," she illustrated on the board "will find you here again."

Many years later, I have found this to be true. Times aplenty we are under the misconception that we got away with things and then we turn around and the baggage is right behind us! It sucks especially when you know you're sorry for what you did, but sorry doesn't change history. If you're lucky, it lessens the punishment so as it doesn't fit the crime.

I am watching "a mistake" unfold...and it ain't pretty! Somebody did wrong...and their cards are unfolding...and all I can say is bring me the pop-corn because it's about to get down! I mean I know it's wrong to rejoice in someone else's misery...but lawd forgive me!

I really shouldn't be laughing because I think I am paying back for something: not sure what-- or maybe I am in denial of the charges! Okay I think I am know what I am paying for at the moment-- I just don't think it was this serious. Although...only God knows. So I should probably be concentrating on doing penance for that and not laughing at's STILL funny!!!

I am such a goon! Okay, my issue (among many) with God is that...why doesn't he/she send a memo outlining all the wrong things I do? that we we can quickly resolve things! I mean if it says something like

"Dearest love of my life Manena,

I am of the opinion that you messed up when,
  • You made fun of that person at work

  • You didn't help that beggar on the street

  • You were too damned lazy today man!

  • That thing that you did--ummm honey chile that weren't too cool aiight?

Then I would write back and say:

"My dearest God, I am sorry for mistakes I made and this is how I will rectify my error in judgement

  1. I will try to understand the person at work a little better and help them change a little so I am not tempted to laugh at them. They may mock me and smack me for what I will say, and I am prepared to bare that cross.

  2. I will go back to that street corner and look for that beggar... chances are he's still waiting on me to come back.

  3. I will spend all day cleaning the house tomorrow and do most of the laundry tonight

  4. I know it weren't cool. I take full responsibility for my action and will await your letter of punishment suggestions.
See that way, no one is shocked and disappointed by things you know? I would be ready for punishment and I would know how long it will last and then I would know what never to risk doing again! Sounds like a plan!

Any way tomorrow, I am doing work for my other agency. I will be working with hospice clients so I might be sounding very bitter over the next few weeks only because they are all in the process of dying. I am excited to be working with Hannah again though! The agency calls us the "Banana" team... Manena Banana and Hannah Banana... a.k.a the 'A' team...because we ALWAYS deliver! So watch this space for more impressive things that I can do:-) Gosh I love all things me so much!!! lol!

Oh and pray for me because a) my body is falling apart! seriously I have no idea wha a gwan! and b) I am embarking on a new path-- I am not sure if God chose it, or I chose it. Which reminds me... I need to do something important!

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African girl, American world said...

LOL..your 'funta-ness' as my kids call it is out of control.