Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy birthday Brother dearest!

Oh if you run into my baby brother make sure to wish him a happy birthday today:-)
I am soooo jealous that my brother was born on St. Patricks day...and I was born on a non drinking holiday... but that's cool though coz i forgive him:-)

So guess what? The world is getting really small for me! As it turns out... the first African Playmate (Playboy: March 2008) happens to be the sister of a family friend!!! Okay so some of you out there might view it as degrading and all... but it's an achivement for her nontheless. She worked hard getting her boob job and all...and deserves all the credit that comes with totally! I only feel sorry for her poor father because he has a prominent Unesco/ UN job and she mentions him in her bio...which is really messed up! and now Tanzania is in an uproar about it...and so is her family. So any way, if you want to see more google her-- Ida Ljungqvist. She is very pretty...okay so not more than me coz I'm a natural beauty...but she aiiight!

Next, in funny news... Mubarak has ordered the army to bake more bread because the country is short of it:-)....that was hillarious! The army???? are you kidding me????
And in not so funny new....Bear Stearn!!!! While management was out playing dodge ball or whatever game he plays in the summer.... the company was in a major crisis! This is what people do with our money when we tell them to invest it. So someone gave me a lecture about my investments and said I need to be more aggressive because I am young and can afford the losses... I was like WHAT??? in my best indian accent I stated "I am to be telling you, that I am to be in-westing half my money conserwatively and the other half I am to be letting some nikonpoop inwest!"
Which reminds me... if you haven't seen this story in the economist... you need to hussle! Go on now! I found it troubling.

Kudo's to David Paterson! Black and Blind...that's awesome dude!!!

Gosh! I can not believe March is almost over! Time is really flying...and it's going faster than I can move! It's like I plan to do something this week, then this week is gone before I can even blink!
As for Serbia and Kosovo...what in the world are they fighting for still???? They erased the name Yugoslavia... (which is a funny story because C$ was born in Yugoslavia...and now the country doesn't exist!!! more on this next time!)

Ooopsy! It looks like it's bed time.... I need to go now...taa!
Oh and happy St Patricks day.... my friends though it was a cool picture of me to looking like I am a Guiness advert...who knows-- they might just pay me for it! Cheers!

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