Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amnesty International sells out.

Amnesty Internationals moto reads : "working to protect human rights." They are supposed to be the voice of the "voiceless" so why have they sold out and opted to approve of abortions? They say it's abortions only for women that were raped and those that have complications...hey while we're at it, lets let mothers that change their minds and don't feel like being mothers any more exercise their reproductive rights by chopping the kids heads off! hey who cares if the child is already 15... you gave birth to her and you have changed your with her head!

I don't get the whole "when it's in the mother's body it's not really human, it's like a body part of the mother" thing. In utero the zygote (or whatever makes it feel less human to you) is dependant on another human for survival...after birth and for a few more years the child is still dependant on other humans for survival, so what's the difference?

Now forgive me for not seeing it from the point of view of a raped woman that ends up pregnant... or from a pregnant single woman with 5 others kids that now has to make a decision whether to have her sixth child and die... or kill the baby and live to be with her other 5 kids. I understand those are very tough choices...but please call a spade a spade, don't give it a new name to satisfy your conscience. Think about it this way: if you abort the one child today so you can take care of the other children... what happens if on the next day you're hit by a bus and perish?

Life is a maze. What looks like an obvious turn today, may not be so obvious tomorrow. N'est pas?

I am trying to write to Amnesty International to give me back the $2 I donated...:-) I would rather buy a soda than be misrepresented...lolol!

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