Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sappy movie

hey there!
aaarrrgghh! The weekend is almost over and i sat there watching this one sappy harlequin movie. I LOVE to laugh, so anything that has the potential to amuse me is always welcome :). So any way, in the movie this one lady is looking for a man. So she goes shopping for one online. The guy she finds is really hot, smart and has a job. They go for dinner and the dude starts to talk about his ex and how they dated for 8 years and cheated on him with his best friend...and he burst into tears!!! I laughed so hard!!! WTF??? in a restaurant??? on a first date??? She also meets another guy that stalks her & tries to hit her coz her neighbor is always at her house...psycho! Any way she finally ends up with the scruffy neighbor who is going through a divorce(quite risky!!!). Her business partner is the type that gets engaged on the 4th date andd falls in and out of love instantly... really funny stuff.
Well my friends and i have a standing joke-- if i'm not married with children by 35, I will marry one of my 2 friends- depends on who bids the highest. Well they both need greencards, and they promise to be successful by then. So we'll go to Massachussets- coz they're female. Then I'll go to a sperm bank and pretty much live off my friend and travel the world:-)'s a capitalist world:-)

Yesterday was great. Lots of laughter. I feel too lazy to put up the pictures. Any who i'm off to do my hair :)

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