Monday, August 13, 2007

Economic monsters

I'm I the only one a little scared about the economy right now? A lot of people seem to be very relaxed about things... but really I don't believe Bernanke... it's his job to say all is well.
We all know a lot of states are having finacial difficulties, and the housing market is kinda crazy, and credit card companies i.e capital one are raising interest rates, gas prices are high, electric prices went up in Maryland this year yet my salary has stayed the same. That don't sound too good!!!

Big companies are closing down, meaning a lot of people will be jobless. A lot of those people have houses...meaning they might default on their loans... so houses will become cheaper... but what will those people do?

How much damage to struggling private economies will this do? can i still be able to afford sushi and good wine? where's Greenspan any way??? He and I need to talk man to woman!


African girl, American world said...

Tell Alan to call me is not right?!!!!!

Manena said...


kokakolafanta said...

I'm a little scared for my job... So Greenspan needs to speak to me too:)