Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gambling novice

Woo hoo! I went to my first slots machines type place this weekend. Being the "i have to try most things at least once" type person I am, I was dressed in 2 minutes and out the door when my friend planned this spur of the moment thing last night. The choices were West Virginia and Delaware... I picked Delaware!
I vowed not to use more than $50, but the good news is that I spent $30 and won $50... and the bad news is that I put it all back in the machines:-) I don't get how people get addicted to slots...coz ummm...yah...I don't get it:-) I didn't take any pictures coz i was dressed like a skank :-) well I was only given 2 minutes to get ready and it wasn't planned... and the only tops I had available were skank mama type things.
It was too bright and busy for my liking... i like more quiet activities so that was a tad different. We had a great time any way and we didn't get in till 3 in the morning...and it was quite pretty.
I also got to visit my grandmother's little sister this week in D.C. which was fun because we cooked together and told stories, played barbies with the little girl and just bonded :-)
Well I have to go feed my phone addiction....

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