Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey, how about yesterday in the news this woman in Australia died because the camel that she got for her birthday tried to have sex with her...lol okay it's not funny but it sure cracked me up!!!
in more funny news...the picture at the bottom is circulating in zed world and apparently came from thorn park...!

Then, my friend calls me frantic last night because she receieved a "personalized" letter from this one group that claims they "carefully" selected her, and would show her how to make money and get anything she wants following their method. She she was scared, tried to call her husband nad hears his phone ringing in the house because he left his mobile at home. Poor baby thought a cult was stalking her... i laughed soooo hard when i googled the group because they're scam artists. But i really wish I could have seen her face... it was hillarious!

Also if you would like to send something to Lusaka from the Washington DC, look into Miss Lombe Kasonde's website- http://www.geocities.com/lkasonde/DC_to_LSK_Shipping.html

Why do men have a harder time than women to let go of baggage? I was "conversating" with my friend tonight and we we're discussing this one guy that we know who was hurt by this one girl years ago...and up to now he acts like a wounded buffalo in relations! I was thinking, get over it dude!! really!!! life is too short to die loveless because this one person hurt you years ago. In fact, I have more examples.

And another thing... I'm I the only one that thinks Tyler Perry isn't THAT funny??? Oh and don't you just love the new examiner.com ad's? especially the one with the guy and gal in the elevator and he goes what's up...and she tells him about the stock market and everything else then finally she asks him if he's works in blah blah department, he agrees and she tells him... lay off tomorrow! hahaha!

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