Friday, August 17, 2007

I love fridays!!!

Just got off work and I'm knackered!!! but NOTHING can piss me off on friday's. I refuse to let anything get my knickers in a twist on fridays! I got home and immediately threw a bottle of pouilly-fuisse in the fridge and i am eager for it to get to the right temperature:-)

This song always makes me want to dance... it played at work today and i got up and had to remind myself that i was at work and not in a dance hall. Wait a minute my wine is ready, i'll be right back:-)...oh my God... it tastes sooo good!

LOLOL! i just had a good laugh with my friends yesterday, they told me they missed me tremendously... one kept sending me text messages during the month and she says i blew her off... she's so funny. I really didn't notice that she was only trying to get my attention! seriously i am a really dense person... i don't do "sign" language. The general consensus is that I have had too many "manena" days and i have been neglecting the "circle". So i have been summoned to sushi night next week and no excuses!!!

I have a craving for pastry of some kind... with cream or something... i am not sure exactly what, but when i go to a pastry shop tomorrow i will certainly figure it out! I have a house warming in the afternoon, then i'll have another 'manena' day... then back to work.

Oh miss P. Nsamwa Lungu, thanks for your response. You helped me prove my point:-)

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