Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So when Obama picked up speed some childish MoFo leaked a picture of him in traditional Somali garb hoping to incite the usual 'oh my God he's an A-rab!' response. I am ashamed of whoever did it! They should be moved to Iran and dealt with there!!!
If you're gonna hate the man, hate him for REAL reasons. Not stupid fairy tales! I have personally stated why I wouldn't say he was the best candidate for me and I attacked his thoughts on an issue of IMPORTANCE to me. It has nothing to do with experience or lack there of, his religion- or lack there of, his race- or lack there of...lol, or his gender...ain't nothing lacking there coz the dude is rather sexy! Okay, so I have a major weakness for broody intelligent men with undertones of arrogance:-) *purr* and he seems to possess those qualities:-)

Then in more sad news.... who in the world has the gall to say Hanif Adams is not Zambian??? The man has worked in the world of soccer for as long as I can remember...and if I'm not mistaken he supported the women's soccer team I was on! Who owned the team by the way?, we were so drunk half the time when we played and practiced that it never crossed my mind to find out who owned the team:-) well our coach was a bouncer at Hanif's clubs...which brings me to my other point-- Hanif has been in Zambia for as long as I can remember. His son was in my cousins classes in primary school ( I only remember coz he had a crush on her for the longest time...it was cute, and so was he-- but I digress as usual).

I also had my first experience of a night club in his club on great east road in Lusaka! Man what a night!!! I was thirteen (not that the bouncers cared!)...in my orange jeans shorts, doing my patra moves on the dance floor...I can still see it now! How the smoke and the lights in the room had me soooooo charged up...I felt like I was Patra herself!!! Queen of the dance hall:-) I did the butterfly and shook my bottie like my life depended on it! Ahhh...such happy memories...*sigh* I can remember how totally cool I was when I went to school to tell my classmates where I had gone that Saturday... I made it seem like I had done this several times of course...and was like 'you mean you haven't gone clubbing yet?'...lol.."It cut exay!"

Any way...my main point is (after all the extra info there!), that man is as Zambian as Kaunda! Making ignorant comments about his race is just un-Zambian...and those perpetrators should also be sent to Iran and be dealt with there!!! My Zambia is a colorful nation where we are accepting of everyone. I have many Zambians of Indian origin in England and in the USA who identify as Zambian and speak a local language. Once a Chipatan always a Chipatan...GOOOOOOO eastern power!!! Let's leave the ignorance in the ablution areas please! Our country's slogan--emblazoned on our passports reads: One Zambia...One Nation. Plain and simple, it doesn't differentiate.

I hope it wasn't a bemba that passed that comment. I will be greatly disappointed because it will mean s/he doesn't know his/her history! Mwitu sebanya bane!


African girl, American world said...

13 exay?! ok Patra. We couldn't go anywhere!!!! What did the bali and mali say? LOL

Manena said...

Cute pic!!! ala mwandi...it's dicey! I don't know what we tuned the queen or how I left parlor!