Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dust in the wind

all we are is dust in the wind....
Today was ash wednesday...and I have given up using swear words for the duration of lent, and I have also added a new prayer a day:-) aren't I so holy???

So the election looks pretty tight...

Well okay, McCain is a definite and well...hillz and bama are still tugging at the prize. In all, I hope Obama beats Hillz. Not because I like him, but because I don't want her to win that's all:-) I just find her too hollywoody... a real piece-a-work!!

I don't know man...none of the main candidates buzz my biscuits! They just don't give me warm fuzzy's. okay...

McCain:- For one thing...he's like old. Not that I am anti old people or anything...but dude's a walking aneurysm! He's also quite millitary in his demeanor which is a good thing I suppose as he will be running a country:-) I also liked his immigration stance, and a few other things I read about him online (sanctions on apartheid south africa...etc). I do not like his stance on guns, nor that he doesn't support a minimum wage increase. Does he not know the price of gas and that maryland taxes have gone up? shoot!!!
To be fair, I think he is very vested in this country being that he is from a family of navy men and that he fought in Vietnam and was a P.O.W. He has a long enough resume that he should be considered for the job due to all his experience.

Hillary aka Hellary:- I just feel something wrong there. She's also pro-choice and pro- death penalty which doesn't sit well in my tummy. She has an impressive albeit wishy-washy history what with the whitewater scandal, lewinsky, her old ties to the republican party, Iraq...need I say more? But she has come a long way in the scramble for president and I am sure she's a splendid lawyer. She just isn't for me.

Obama:- well being 'the new kid on the block' could work in his favor I think. The decisions of the inexperienced sometimes supercede those of more seasoned people. He has also come a long way! I would say it's quite impressive that an unknown (in comparison to his contenders) guy could sweep through and make this kind of ripple! He is quite the inspirational/ motivational speaker and that's what I really like about him. As for what I don't like:- he supports partial birth abortions and the death penalty. I agree partially with his reasoning to allow women to make their own choice...but he messed up with the partial birth abortion bit.

My main issues that I do not compromise on are gun availability and abortion. I do not see how someone can be pro-life yet support the use of guns. Nor do I comprehend how a person can be pro abortion, yet support the banning of guns (okay I can...but you get the point I am making right?). The rest such as taxes? give to ceasar what belongs to ceasar. .. etcetera.


thepicturemonger said...

You are quite funny. I find your blog quite interesting.

kokakolafanta said...

lololololol! Mccain is a walking aneurysm!!!! lolol! You kill me!

Manena said...

Thepicturemonger:- Thanks for the wonderful comment. It is indeed true that I'm quite funny and gifted:-) lol... only joking! I am humbled sir!

Koka:- glad I made your day:-)