Sunday, February 24, 2008


May I be a beautiful butterfly when I grow up:-)

Yesterday was soooooo cold! If summer came tomorrow I wouldn't be the one to complain;)

If you haven't been to Fogo de Chão (fo-go dèe shoun), ...stop depriving yourself and head out to experience the tasty-ness that is fogo! All I can say is yummy!

I FINALLY went to Bodyworlds... I thought it was okay...nothing new to you if you've had Anatomy and Physiology courses. I mean I think I was expecting the displays to look more real, but they looked too plastic for me. I know they are real bodies...but they still had a major plastic look to them. The worst moment for me was seeing the pregnant woman cut open with the baby visible from her stomach. I think that's what gave the exhibit a 'human' feel. I also wasn't too keen on seeing the week old fetuses with bursting amniotic sacs....

I also made a stop over to the cheesecake factory for my favorite white chocolate raspberry truffle... it is AMAZING! I promise you that!!! I am such a glutton at times and yesterday was no exception:-) The tea there sucks like the food on their menu... so I avoid it at all costs. Actually I hate food from 'chain' restaurants usually, but as I needed to thaw my poor body... I drank the lousy tea:-)

My cousin was sooo excited last night because she had seen the Barak Obama rally in Ohio. She came home screaming 'yes we can'... I also got to see the will-i-am song for Barak on my baby daddy number 10 --John Legend...OMG! He is so delicious looking! He wouldn't even have to speak to me, he could just communicate in song....or just by pointing for what he wants done!!! could I forget this funny story!

Agony is:- getting a new job and being informed that they will have lay offs in a few ...:-)

That was really amusing!... So my supervisor was like it's nothing to worry about... lol!!!

Any way the phone has started again...gotta go....

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