Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Oh I am soooooooo good!!!! I had predicted Ghana v. Cote d'ivoire and that Ghana would win, and then I predicted Egypt would win overall... ask my friend that I bet with:-) I should have added more money to the challenge....nah wah!

It's been an interesting few days...I think I'm either catching a cold or maybe the alkee I over indulged in is catching up, or maybe it's the distressing thing that happened to me regarding facebook:-) and that's all I will say on this matter....Ladies and Gentlemen....The mighty have fallen! Ndiiituuu!

I over booked myself as far as activities are concerned and I am feeling it all catch up. Friday I spent most of the day out..doing stuff. Then Saturday I was out with friends for the usual get together. We did Sushi first, then we went to The Vin restaurant for dessert and of course wine :-) Now I found it rather upsetting that they didn't have my favorite wine on the list any more. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that it is called 'negro/ negra' something, so possibly someone was offended and had it removed which is just pathetic really because they should have consulted me first! That wine was the bomb man!

Dinner was great...and you know you need to cut down on going places when the waitress in a busy restaurant turns and says "nice to see you as usual" The newbies at the table turned to me and asked exactly how often I go there...I responded with a smile because I was too embarrased to say how 'often' I go there. They were like, 'why don't you ask for the usual', i was thinking to myself...'i bet i could', but I didn't test the waitresses knowledge of my likes and dislikes:-) she was too sweet.

I enjoyed the camaraderie and the cosmopolitans and the cute little desserts we ate. I like the fact that the Vin actually serves bite sized desserts, so that way you can eat several different kinds. They make apple crumble and ice-cream in a cappuccino sized cup, and all sorts of other know creme brulee, souffles...etcetera. The mangoe and rasberry martinis that they make there are to die for!!! I can still taste them as I sit here typing...ummmm:-) Little miss Asia and I were the two minorities at the table, and we sat at direct angles so we could balance the table

I also wanted to go out to see I didn't have the resolve to do so, so i stayed home instead catering to my other addiction- reading. I am almost done with my book and I will discuss it when I complete it. It seems I was the last to read it because everyone I speak to about it has read it already and wants to start telling me the story....I am like....NNNOOOOO!!!

Oh and you can forget about me giving up cussing, coz that didn't last long! I forgot about my slight tendancies to semi-road rage, so I sinned on day 2. So needless to say, I gave that up and I am now trying to follow the new carbon fast craze...hmmm we'll see how long that lasts:-)

See the issue I have with restraint is that everytime someone tells me I can not do something...I keep hearing that I can in my head and, the more I try to control myself...the harder it gets to abstain from something... mon dieu c'est difficile!!!

Obama is in town tomorrow, so if the weather is condusive and the flesh is willing, then I will go and listen to him speak. I'm sure I will quite enjoy it.

I would also like to see 'Caramel' a movie set in Beirut. I have two escorts to the movie, but can not decide which one to take:-) This is what happens when you're too popular...*hair toss and loud sigh*

woe is meeeeee....I feel sooo under the weather at the moment.


kokakolafanta said...

lol! child please! I can not believe you thought you could last 40 days without cussing! You are too funny:-)

kokakolafanta said...

by the way, did you go to Obama?

Manena said...

It was too cold for me to go out and see Obama. I am a summer baby dont-chu-no? Besides I think if you read right you would see that I'm a little under the weather no?

Anso guy, I only use foul language when offended. Which is quite often I suppose:-)

African girl, American world said...

hold up, you let the cold weather stop you from seeing my baby daddy? UNACCEPTABLE! *hmph*
I love the hair toss and