Thursday, February 21, 2008

je suis fatigue!

Can I just tell you all how tired I am? worst of all i get a little cranky when I get tired....and it has been quite tedious at work too!!!
I had a hard time falling asleep last night...and it may have something to do with the full moon (no, i did not see the eclipse...i had better things to do like stare at my face in the mirror...we'll get back to this point!) any way...I believe it has something to do with the full moon that I couldn't sleep. I was really tired, but i just couldn't fall asleep! I did my usual, long bath and hot chocolate...or hot zigolo (hot water and sugar-- for the zambiology challenged among you). I am looking forward to better luck tonight!

Any way...I am consoled that it will be Friday tomorrow...:-)

I was meaning to write more.... but i have received several phone calls during this post and have to abandon my thoughts here.... I was trying to multi task:-)

Oh I have plans to attend a belly dancing competition this weekend...if the weather is right because it is too damned cold... I can not wait for summer!
okay will write more tomorrow:-)

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