Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's an Obamanation

Okay a few interesting facts, that one of you out there might be interested in and probably don't know:

Aside from the fact that this guy has proved me wrong...which is very rare because guys never prove me wrong:-) lol... I am sorry that I had written his political obituary even before he had started looking for votes. Actually even Hillary for that matter has proven my theory slightly wrong. So kudo's to the both of them.

The thing I wanted to say today though is that I found out Mccain's top aide Mark McKinnon (are they both Irish? lol) said that if Obama wins the nomination, he will step down as Mccain's aide!!!! Those are some very strong sentiments right there!

Granted (if I'm not mistaken) Mckinnon was a democrat before he went republican and then he was one of the power tools in getting Bush in the white house.

So I think like I said, when it comes down to the wire... if it's Mccain vs. Obama...dude might have a chance. For that matter if it's Huckabee vs Obama, he would still have a chance!

I still insist that if Hillary is nominated, the dems can forget it and drink guiness or something, coz they aint gonna win:-)

Another bit of info...president G.dabya (after stressing that he wouldn't endorse anyone BTW) sort of endorsed Mccain over the weekend... well I think that's a little like political crucification for Mccain or maybe it will help him. Who knows?

so that's it for now....:-)

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