Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm a hustler baybee!

I had the awesomenest weekend ever!!! I know I probably say that all the time...but this time it really was!!! I have been eating free food from Friday to Monday...what's there to complain about???
I went and saw Caramel also known as Sukkar banat (Lebanese), and was as good as I had anticipated. It is a movie directed by Nadine Labaki centered on the day to day lives of some women in Beirut. The director is also the protagonist in the movie-- which probably made her job easier:-). it's about a beautiful sisterhood of women with problems. The main character Layale, is dating a married man who wont leave his wife and takes her through the ringer. Her co-worker and close friend Nisrine is about to get married and her man thinks she's a virgin, when really she's not:-), the other co-worker/ friend Rima is a lesbian-- but i'm not sure if her friends know, though it seemed implied in one of the parts. Jamale an older customer and friend is an ex-actor trying to stay young whose husband has left her for a younger woman. Aunt Rose is the tailor next door who takes care of her older sister Lilly....who is crazzzzzzyyyyyy!!! The woman is like totally demented and sooo funny!!!

Any way, I thought it was a cute story and can not really say more without ruining the good parts for those that want to see it. What was also interesting was the every day lebanese language. It reminds me of how we speak in Zambia using English and any local language just by simple switching in no particular order. It was neat.

Then I was treated to dinner at a Jamaican restaurant on Charles street. The food isn't the best Jamaican I have ever tasted, and there weren't that many people there, so it makes me wonder how they have stayed in business this long. Especially since the state of the toilet was appaling!!! They had tissues stuck in the two available toilets in the ladies room. I was so pressed and disgusted I went into the mens room (no...I am not ashamed!), that was not that much cleaner and had no running water... how disgusting is that???? lucky I had already eaten before making these discoveries! I also indulged in some wine because it was Friday...:-)

Saturday found me in a totally lazy mood. I spent half the day on the phone laughing and acting a fool...okay and partially doing the laundry...and listening to music...and I was already 2 glasses into my wine by the time I arrived at my "date"fashionably late as usual though it was only 5 minutes from my house! I am pathetic sometimes! lol. I had a GREAT evening, (don't worry he's not reading this), but I thought he was super cool. Keep your eyes peeled for more information :-) We spent about 6 hours or so together...which is a record for me, coz that's a long time to be with a non close buddy!

Sunday, I was a big baby and went to my aunts to eat...yes, yes...I know I eat a lot. I am a very healthy looking girl :-). I ate till I almost popped then she made some cocktails and my day was complete:-)

Monday: Ryan got me dinner... the end...lolololol

Tomorrow will be my first day of work since my large pay cut, so I will be quite sour every time I think about it, but there is no room for regret in my life. Totally feeling Nietzche's one quote: 'Amor fati', accept your fate and move on...aka...'get over it!'

I have also come to learn and embrace what biggie meant 'I'm not only the client, I'm the playa president!' more give me one more chance....wooo hooo! Life is totally fabulous!

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