Sunday, April 08, 2007

Alleluia, Alleluia , Alleluia!

Happy easter to all of you...yes even you pagan P!
I am having some fatigue issues...maybe its mono???lol....
any way friday was a sheer waste of a few hours...I could have stayed home sleeping, but I was asked to "fill" in at work. Almost everyone was away and i practically sat at work all day doing nothing! I was actually begging people to get sick so I could have someone to was pathetic! Then we went out for dinner...then i fell asleep...then i woke up- saturday.
I find easter rather depressing because I get really home sick. I am convinced no one can do easter like Saint Dominic's in zed. The easter triduum is like the biggest celebration of the church and they go all out. I am talking goats laid at the altar, liturgical Dancers, the lighting of the funeral fire....and the big ALLELUIA! So this year instead of going to my usuall church and getting irritated by Monsignor Tinder's bigoted views (ref: )I opted instead to attend mass at Saint Peter's Basilica via EWTN and play my own Zambian catholic CD' was bangin' in sister Manena's house!! The only thing I didn't have was the eucharist and that's fine coz I didn't go to confession friday:) So since I cheated, easter came early for me. When the bells rang in saint Peter' was easter for me too! That left me with enuff time to go meet my aunt so we could get the program ready for mama C.K's memorial...and without giving away too much, you guys going for the memorial will be much impressed! After several blonde moments we got it together, and i can say that I'm not only pretty but talented too, and ofcourse modest:)
I will leave you all with one of my fav Chewa hymn:

a jehova, chikondi canu, ni co dabwitsa anthu! munalenga ziko lo kongola. ci kondi canu sinditha ku chinvesa mu na pasa anthu o chimwa moyo wa uthali co linga kuthi alape athembenuke. Mu na thulusa chi baraba mu dende. Baraba chinali chigawenga co paya anthu. Muna manga yesu o funa kuti pulumutsa.

A mayi Maria, munkhale nkoswe yanga. Ine Mwana wanu o chimwa monga nkhosa yo sochela, ndigwireni zanja. Mu ndipelekedze kwa ambuye, belu yanga ya lila kupuma kuli kundisiya. Moyo wanga uli ku bitsala naga ndi tawile kuti, kwa satana kulibe malo. Nkhululukileni a mbuye wanga.

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