Thursday, April 26, 2007


Who needs T.V when there's all this drama in the world to see?
1. lady, how does your 6 year old have suicidal tendancies, with a plan on how she'll do it?

2. Dude, how do you agree to be the baby daddy of a lady you just met who had checked you out first through your doctors records?...don't even get me started on ethics!

3. Zambian women have turned gangster! The Daily mail has it that one lady hired a hit man to shoot her husbands girlfriend recently, but the dumbasses that went to do it left a witness behind, so wifey has been arrested! what the heck happened to the good old days when wives used to go with some friends to beat up the man snatcher, break the windows of her house or car, put some hot chilli peppers in her punani and maybe splash some hot cooking oil on her body???? lol...but seriously, does intended murder ever solve anything??? Is she worth you going to jail and never seeing your kids again lady? better yet, is any man worth that kind of hussle? (I'll rephrase that when I'm married to Bill Gates:)

4. A group of somebodies are planning to do a series of Impeach Cheney things. Well I was imformed yesterday by a Dennis Kucinich fan that he was filling articles of impeachment for Dick (ha ha) yesterday. Today I think I was informed that they are hanging a banner with the words impeach, and that they would have a sleep out at the mall and spell out the words impeach:) These dudes are serious...they made tee shirts man! I am only putting it out there coz the media probably wont.

5. The above info really does nothing for me because I am neither a democrat nor a republican and probably will never be either. I do not agree with abortion, so that cuts me out of the Democratic party, and I do not agree with guns, which boots me out of the Republican party!

6. There's also an awareness for displaced people in D.C this weekend. I can not remember which organization is doing it, but the kids at the school invited me along. I am not going because I found out you have to sleep in a sleeping bag on the grass to get the experience! first of all I have slept on enough floors at various funerals. Next, sleeping outside in the city with a group of your friends is not as dangerous as sleeping in the woods and running for your life before janjaweeds or the lions get you!

7. What is the point of having the capacity to speak, but not being able to state your opinion?????????????????????

p/s: you don't even want to KNOW what dinner is today!:)


kokakolafanta said...

iwe kolwe we need to talk! who's baby wants to kill herself? and who's the baby daddy? anso, lolela you'll find Cheney ku door trying to shoot "birds" wanya!

kokakolafanta said...

p/s I fell out of my chair laughing at Mrs Omokarede on the video on your page! I also hope you're not eating ichifu and grapes for dinner again!

African girl, American world said...

suicide plan for a 6 yr old?!! Lesa wandi!

I had a whole comment but then was laughing too hard at the comments above from the name to kolwe and!