Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Easy forgiveness or short memories?

It's amazing how easily Zambians forget or forgive. I am not even sure if we forget, forgive or just move on because we have too many things to worry about. I just finished reading Andrew Sardanis's(a.k.a Andreas sortiris Sardanis)book 'Africa- Another Side Of The Coin'...and I would like to say wow! It is so easy to point fingers. While Zambia's adopted son (Sardanis) makes some great statements about africa not being a lost cause
This is the cynical view of the West and many other parts of the world. The old colonial powers lament the deplorable state of the ex-colonies, the misadministration, the corruption, the poverty, the famines, the wars and the un-stoppable spread of AIDS. Many, some Africans included, look back on the colonial period as the golden age of Africa and regret its passing. I do not subscribe to this view… But I am not about to malign it either.

and gives an excellent account of Zambian history circa 1950's. I just don't think it should have been given the hype that it was given based on the fact that monsieur Sardanis is still living la dolce vita after being the god-father of the Meridian Bank scandal! The Meridian Bank scandal is the Zambian equivalent of the Enron and many people suffered and are probably still suffering from the loss of their money while the designers of the issue walk about scott free rolling in money and criticising the government.
In fact, Sardanis now owns one of the largest lodges in Zambia which I am guilty of having enjoyed www.chaminuka.com and which i have just advertised...oopsy! I feel his lodge and his books should have been boycotted! Sadly there aren't that many Zambian authors and there are few spots of interest to hang out at in so he's lucky he'll stay in business.

I know I have some relatives that were also part of the scandal but I can not boycott them:) but can try to apologise for their part.

The Zambian community has done an awesome job at moving on and have that whole 'ubuntu' thing going. I who is blameless and without sin on the other hand find joy in casting stones at others:) Pick up Sardanis's books when you get the chance. If anything, they are an interesting read.

p/s: the picture is of me with Mr and Mrs Sardanis at Chaminuka...I was hoping to get adopted, but they didn't seem interested:)

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