Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend review

The stripper was cancelled for various reasons...I guess I was never meant to see one now. No free peek shows for me I'm afraid:)
So any way I saw 'Namesake' at the recommendation of Mwabi *hello*(www. )I had read the book because I thing Jhumpa Lahiri is an awesome writter and Mira Nair is a good producer, but I am not sure I was impressed with them working together. As usual the book was far better than the movie.
The catch though was that I was supposed to see an Ingmar Bergman revival series at my favourite cinema in Baltimore. I am not allowed to comment on the Bergman stuff coz I'll be in trouble with the fan that sent me there:)

I also finally saw Rent...and all I can say is, I don't get it!!! It was a waste of a whole hour of my life which I will never get back. For some reason I couldn't turn it off coz i kept thinking it would get better and I would finally understand why it was a big deal...but that moment never came and I was glad the show was over!

Yesterday I ate myself silly and enjoyed reports from the Nigerian and French polls. Only in Africa does a guy think he won by 70% when there are reports of ballots not getting to places and people killed going to the polls!


African girl, American world said...

ditto on Rent! the hell was that? I loved the book and movie (Namesake) sorry u weren't as happy with the movie :(

kokakolafanta said...

Ingmar who? gal why don't you stick to the Nigerian movies Oh? that's why my brodah he de won by 70%!!