Wednesday, April 11, 2007


ok. a few quick words on "the Imus" scandal.

How many rap songs and 'black' comedians have used the terms "nappy headed" and "ho's"???? why is it funny when the latter do it?

Are we as a society mad that it was a white man (trying to be funny) that used the terms together?
Why isn't sharpton calling for the music industry to drop rappers that use those terms? aren't rappers and media people entertainers? Imus being suspended is just a little vay cay that he needed and is taking...

How can we expect people to have respect for us if we do not have respect for ourselves? why be two faced? isn't it racist to use certain words and tell others of another race they can't say those same words? my niggaz?

eh? very soon I wont be able to tell blonde jokes coz the blonde society will be asking for my removal from the country...

Wha'a gwan man???

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