Thursday, April 19, 2007

French Elections

I just found out something interesting. The laws state that telly stations have to allow each person vying for president equal air time before elections! So everyone gets a fair chance to say their piece...yes, even the village idiot! How democratic! ofcourse you would have to listen to your leader of choice and several imbeciles...but who cares?
The person I would avoid would be Le Pen, for obvious reasons, which really don't matter because I don't live there. I would also like Segolene to win because I'm a bigot and she's the front running woman. Simple as that.(and she was born in Senegal)
My mother was one of the pioneers of womens rights in Zambia...she got on the governments nerves and she sort of rubbed off on me. So I am definitely pro-advancement of women. My sex comes before my nationality...wait I need to think this over...don't believe that statement yet:)
It would be hilarious though if Besancenot won...he's so refreshing! He reminds me of Oliver from the 1970's/80's cartoon 'Kid Power'...yeah...who knows what year that cartoon was made??? we were used to re-runs in Zed. Punky Brewster anyone???

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