Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stop press!!!

You know how everything has to be about me???? well this aint no different! read on...except if you're my little brother, or father Matt:)
Saturday's party at my friends house is going to have a stripper!!! isn't that exciting? My first strip show!!!! (I know right? I am so far behind!)So I casually told my friends if they were good friends, they could get me a stripper for my birthday...and they said they WILL if I am good!! Those tricky cows know I'll fall off the wagon soon and do something bad, so i wont hold my breath...but I will sure be screaming the loudest when Mr "Hardrock cafe" takes his shirt off:)

aaaahhh, it takes so little to make me happy:)


kokakolafanta said...

hey! I thought you went to that pole dancing thing with us??? they had a stripper dummy!

Manena said...

looks like you found my blog eh? ba kokakolafanta! you need some Xanax!