Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stem cell debate

S-5 and S-30 both just passed...and because I'm a bored cow I watched the whole thing on CSPAN.
The simplified difference between the two is that S-5 is the use of viable embryo's and S-30 is the use of naturally dead ones...or something like that.
Listening to both sides for an against, I picked 2 people or things said that I liked. Senator Orrin Hatch made a very powerful statement, he said something in the lines of "pro-life is not just caring for the unborn, its also caring for the living." Majority of the time us pro-lifers seem to forget that the living also count because we seem to put enthesis on the unborn.
The other person of note for me would be Senator Brownback...indeed if $613 million dollars have been spent on stem cell research and there have been zero results, is it economically sound to keep putting money in it???

On the one hand I can understand what the one group is saying when they stress that the emryo's used are from left over in vitro fertilization. If the embryo's will be thrown away and distroyed any way, why not use them to create hope for a cure for people with incurable diseases? (ignore the money lost). Surely if it is wrong to use those embryo's shouldn't we be fighting to ban in vitro fertilization for the sheer reason that it leaves over fertilized eggs that are in actual fact living beings?

What we need to remember though about in vitro is that not all eggs are fertilized, and they go to waste just like the many eggs we women lose per year. The sperm is also wasted, just like men lose...when they do big people stuff:) sometimes in in vitro only one egg out of many gets fertilized and other times a big batch does.
Any way I enjoyed listening to the debate.

On a lighter note. I am H.A.P.P.Y? because I saved a life today!!! I have used 911 several times this week, and I figure they will black list me! At 4a.m today was the worst because I called 911 not knowing whether I heard a cry for help or not. I must have sounded crazy because I thought I was aroused by someone calling "help me" so I tried to explain to the dispatcher what I thought i heard and the fact that I couldn't call my neighbour because I am antisocial and have no clue who they are. So any way two fine looking cops walked into my house giving me the "u must be the crazy lady" look, they went to look at the house that I suspected the shout came from, and lo and behold, he was in a hypoglycemic state and couldn't move. The cops came back to give me high fives for being right. I would have been so embarrassed if I was wrong. Thank God I'm always right:)
The other day when I called 911 eight walking testosterones showed up and I almost fainted just so they could resuscitate me!! This has all been in one week! I am such a life saver:) My neighbour and I though are now finally even for the fireplace incident:) lol! He owes me one.

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