Saturday, December 15, 2007

The African Jigsaw

Woman. Woooman
Unhappy woman
Yours the pain
yours the burden
where now the beauty
where now the truth
where now the eyes
that were your pride?
A heavy heart
an empty bowl
a suckling babe
defeat your pride.
(Written by Peter Rose and Anne Conlon for African Jigsaw)

Someone found something I had written 7 years ago about the 'African Jigsaw' musical and emailed me which was a surprise! I sang in the production many years ago and that was one of my favorite memories from childhood. So after the little reminder, I purchased the music yesterday. I can only buy the song sheet and not the tape/ CD because that's all there is but that really made me happy and I will write a few of the song words here when I get my book! I wish you could hear me sing! The songs are all beautiful and thought provoking. The two writters have done other work and I also perfomed in their other one 'Yanomamo'.

I guess I really wouldn't be opposed to helping direct 'African Jigsaw' one day, and in fact it's one of my dreams to help participate in one of those shows one day. When The book gets here I might just sing something and post it here:-)

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