Sunday, December 09, 2007

I could have danced all night...

I had a lovely weekend as usual... I had cause to celebrate on friday and so i did. Went with the girls for sushi, and had a really nice time. I have been threatening them for a while that I'm going to find new friends coz they rarely like to do anything but wine related activities! They suggested a hike near harpers ferry for saturday, but friday was sooooo flipping cold, I vetoed that idea quick, fast and on the double! Then I woke up saturday morning only to find that it was a really nice warm day:-) oppsy!

Any way, I took advantage of the weather and went to my aunts, then we drove to Leesburg Virginia for some shopping. I guess we got carried away with the sales coz we were very late getting to the airport to pick my other aunt up who flew in from Holland. She promised us a lecture for being tardy, but after a glass of wine and dinner... the party was on! I danced like it was 1999 and my legs ache today:-)

My work mates also had a party saturday, and i feel bad that i didn;t go, but really I have a policy "never drink with the people you work with", you know separation of work and play... tha-sort-o'fing... They are a great bunch... but I am just borderline anti social! Okay so i wouldn't really say antisocial, I guess i was just spoilt by the large number of cousins available to hang out with me when i was younger that i didn't develop the skills to make new friends. My cousins were in my classes at school, and at home, so what more did I need?. Yep. That's it. Lets blame this on my family:-) At the time time, I have known 2 of my closest friends since...forever! Those ho's know a lot of my secrets. I'll have to put them in a box and mail them to Uzbekistan when I run for president:-)

Talking about presidents. Don't you think Gordon Brown's boycotting of the Afro-E.U lets-pretend-we're-working talks was rather silly? For one thing, I think he's making Mugabe think he's more powerful than he really is, and 2. boycotting the talks does nothing for the Zimbabwean people and 3. the talks were about more than just a crazy power hungry old man and his country. I mean if you don't want to listen just tune the dude out! It's easy.

I wouldn't las a day in my job if i didn't have extra thick skin and the ability to tune people out when they are spewing too much verbal diarrhea.

Oh and another loser picks up a gun and shoots people in the mall to be famous!!! Famous? in another 2 years or even months, the only people that will remember his crazy ass will be the families of the people he killed! what is the dar gon world coming to?
Oh wow! Look what I just popped out of the oven? I haven't made lasagna in a while so i am verry impressed at this:-)


kokakolafanta said...

Gurrl! your bandonkadonk looks bigger than usual!!!
Lasagna made me hungry...maybe that's why your butt got bigger:-) lol

kokakolafanta said...

hey how was the salsa thing by the way?

Manena said...

lololol! you have major issues! my butt is still the smae size and why are you admiring it any way?

Salsa was great! You know my addiction to latin to latin men;)