Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And the Idiot of the year award goes to...

....drum roll please! param parampamp pamp! Miss MANENA !!!! balloons, applause, flickering lights!
(Back ground music- no other than the beatles- blackbird)

Manena's speech: OMG! I can't believe I won! I have never won anything in my life *sob*... I would like to thank God, the academy, my family and you my dear fans without whom none of this would be possible! Looking back, I really can't believe how much of an idiot I was...i mean there were rumours, but nothing really concrete, and now to be standing here being acknowledged for this great feat... i mean I am in awe!

Dude... I am not sure what's happening to me, but i can't sleep. Okay so i was pms'ing and quite irate. I ate a whole box of lindtz. Nice. I have to work this morning and it's 2 a.m and her royal highness is not asleep. Now I am mad that I can't sleep... wha a gwan!

I had this experiment thing going... and the results were just as expected. Wait a minute... I might be sleep writting:) Let me call Zambia instead... someone should be awake now:)
Agony is: this right here...sigh...

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