Friday, December 28, 2007


My brother left for Ithaca this afternoon...:-(....sad sad sad sad sad!!! So to make myself feel better I called my cousins in bethesda and we went to watch a movie at the Union station Cinema in the district of columbia (wow what a lot of words!)

I was not too impressed with the Cinema itself, I found the place a little dirty, the staff a little indifferent and I couldn't hear half the stuff they said! I mean I really try to understand ebonics...but seriously half the time I am clueless as to what is being said to me and you can tell the people speaking think it's ridiculous that I don't understand the 'talk' 'specially since i'm a kneegrow myself. In my defence...the caucasoids I hang out with have no clue what is going on either and they have lived here their whole lives! THEY should be teahcing ME ebonics, yet they are always asking me what words

So any way, the film we saw was 'The Great Debaters' and if you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you stop reading at this point. Are you gone yet????
Okay, for the rest of you....OMG!!! I was PMSing when I watched the movie...and can I just tell you guys that my emotions go a little crazy at this time of the month, so I cried most of the movie:-) I thought it was a great movie. Jurnee Smollette I think did an awesome job...though she kept forgetting her accent (well she sounded southern at first then changed in the middle, then went southern again). I related to her in the film. When she made the debate team I cried and when she gave that great speech at the first white school I cried. Then when that Negro cheated on her I felt her pain and triumph when she slapped his silly face!!!

i also like the round 14 year old boy... junior he did quite well especially with his closing argument about the lynching.

Dude, if I was born in that era...or for that matter if I was born Moslem, I would have done my best to be killed as early as possible. There are certain things I can not survive in this world. I would rather be DEAD than CONTROLLED. Every time I see movies like this, I thank God that I was born BLACK and BEAUTIFUL in a "free" world! If apartheid makes a come back...I will without a doubt feed myself to the fish before they tell me my name is not kunta kinte! walahi!!!

moving on... according to the Ney York sun giving makes one happy! Here I was thinking receiving makes people happy:-) that was quite a neat story.

Any who...I am off to bed now, stay well and be blessed.


African girl, American world said...

That movie was awesome! I'm with you, if I was born in another era, I would not have made it a day.
After 12 lllooooooonnnngggggg days, I am finally feeling better!

kokakolafanta said...

I haven't seen the movie yet. But you look as pretty as usual... guy mwagula kuti menso?