Friday, December 14, 2007


Dance like no one is watching....

Hey you know what? God is good! and the judges in London are just! So the story goes...My one friend was trying to renew her student visa in Engy right, so her application for renewal was denied because she was working 2 hours over the allowed 20 per week! So granted she did break the law. She went to court to appeal and the Judge told her "yes, you have broken the law, but based on your being an orphan and proving that you have been working hard at school and attending class, it would be unjust for me to send you back in your last year of school." Oh my!!! I will pray for that judge...he is soooo good!

any way...

So...ummm what have I been up to. Okay for one thing, my intuition was right about that one thing that I thought. The only thing is, I want it in writting. See the thing about me is that I'm very slow to anger and the reason is that once the line is's CROSSED!

I was treated to lunch today...wouldn't really call it a date. But i had fun, then tonight I have to go out to Adams Morgan or something like that. I'll play it by ear. I have a few cousins visiting from various countries at the moment, so it should be a fun few weeks. My brother's due in next week too, so it will feel like I'm back in Zambia...a little bit.

My popularity has been soaring this week... I can not imagine what's up! I think someone let loose that I'm bored and lonely or something coz shamwari my phone has been ringing off the hook...and my date card has been busier than usual! It's just random people...I even heard from 2 people that I haven't spoken to in over a year. Well they called and showed up out the blue...and so the story begins :-)

I had a mini party over the weekend as well. Lord knows what we were celebrating coz it sure as hell wasn;t anyones's b/day. Oh and those heiffer's signed me up for a belly dancing class...should be interesting... I will be unrestricted and uninhibited. Shazaam!
Shoot! I think secret santa has a crush on me! I have been getting a present each week since after thanksgiving and all it says is "from secret santa", I have surely enjoyed them all! I am not saying santa should necessarily stop sending me stuff... I jess wanna know who it is!

Oh and I have stuff to say about the Tampax/ always pads advert. Will do that tomorrow, coz i'm gonna be running on African time tonight if I sit here typing.

Also I think I got taller...don't laugh!!!


kokakolafanta said...

heeeyyy!!! go ahead mama! That looks like a reggae dance you're doing...or is it rhumba???

Manena said...

"Everyone falls in love sometimes. I don't know about you but it aint a crime."