Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nigerians and juju

So I am having a tiff with this one babi pancake from nijah okay. So here I was ranting and raving to my buddy C-$, about stuff. I understand that my mouth will be my down fall! I think i abuse my right to express myself at times. Oh and I found a pidgin dictionary online.. so i'm going to abuse it na wah!

so any way...between the chick and I, watta pass gari. So as it stands, after watching a plethora of Nigerian movies, I cracked a joke that maybe that's why things go wrong for me...she might have put a curse on me se bi? C-$ decides to go a step further than me and declares 'my sistah O, she go send a pigeon or turtle with a message for you!" I cracked up at that and she's like "seriously, I have been around enuff Nigerians to tell you that a lot of voodoo/ juju/ hoodoo, goes on around them. This reminded me of what my other friend Rita had said. She insisted that she doesn't eat food cooked by Nigerians other than those in her immediate family..."you never know who has bad intentions for you"

Any way I don't want wahala, so here I was looking for incense and holy water in the house and making sure my cross above the bed is intact!
joke na joke! If i find her levitating in my room she go see fire O! Bicos why? my God is bigger than her god! walahi!


kokakolafanta said...

I love that you never fail to amuse me! iwe ni chamba chabwaji chamene upepa? Call me and tell me about the juju sistah!
I can't stop laughing!

Manena said...

I'm just high on life:-) everything is beautiful to me:)