Sunday, December 30, 2007

The new year is upon us...

I can not believe that the year is almost over! I think it went by too fast even though i am looking forward to the next year. Some of my resolutions are:

*Paint the house!!!! by golly!
*Smile less- prevents me looking like a clown.
*Be less ghetto
*Understand that weetabix is not dinner material no matter how tired I am
*Dallas Texas
*Be less vain
*Join a soccer club in the summer
*Be more tolerant of idiots
*Do more music concerts and theater
*Edit my Novel for the hundredth time...and maybe find a publisher...lololol! yeah rite!
*Find a papa sucre (sugar daddy) with lots of money. Know any rich old men???
*****NEVER DO THING THAT AGAIN!!!!****** Very important!!!

I want to see how many of these I actually achieve next year. This year I managed to complete one of my pathetic:-) It was to treat people with kindness even when they are mean to me. Well I don't think I'll be doing that next year because I didn't care for it too much. I am afraid I am back to being a beeyatch next year. Sorry.

I had a GREAT time at church today...I even wrote to the church's musical director to tell him how happy I was. It's not only because the usher said i was very pretty... well his exact words were "woooww... you're so beautiful" which just fed my vanity...aahhh the life of a beauty queen:-) Any way, the choir did a few christmas carols using conga's, electric and accoustic guitars, piano's...etc. It was really lovely! It sounded like 1800 music meets afro beats, which was funny seeing as it's a all white choir. Ummm I guess white people can sing huh? lol!

I came home and cooked myself a nice lunch of cornish hen, mango and mixed vegetables. I really need to become a chef.... my culinary skills have just flourished this year:-) Hey! I said I will cut out the vanity next year! not this year!

I am not sure what to wear for tomorrow. I will be at my filipino friends house for new years...and I am rather looking forward to it. They always host a news years eve party and I think I have spoken about her before. She is the one that lives in the 2 million-ish dollar house at the waterfront. They have a four floor house and have a whole floor as the bar room and access to the roof top so we can see fireworks. She has interesting neighbors and maybe my papa sucre to be lives next door! So for that reason and many others, I need to make sure I have ample cleavage...screw the weather:-) watch me get pneumonia lol!

Oh and before I forget... I have tickets to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo but I haven't found anyone to go with yet. So if you live in the area and are not a stalker and have no serious mental issues and have a clue who LBM are then... holla at your guurrl! It's these moments when I really miss Mwai...dude you need to move back here...!!! I wouldn't have this dilemma if you were here!

If i don't post anything between now and new years day: I wish you and yours blessings, peace, love and happiness for 2008:-)


kokakolafanta said...

less ghetto??? you??? lololol, I would like to see that!!!

Manena said...

lol... even queen Elizabeth would be impressed!