Monday, December 17, 2007

Hope is for suckers!

So I decided that hope is for suckers...and faith is more so. See the thing is, I had all this hope and faith in something and it didn't happen! I prayed over it several years ago. Okay scratch that. I knew i was making a mistake... but I prayed about it and did it any way in the hope that the result wouldn't be what i predicted it to be and that heaven would protect me from the consequences of my action...but dude...I found out the hard way that it don't work like dat boo boo! Okay so I'll give heaven credit...the results could have been waaayyy worse.

The only thing is, what is life without faith and hope? I am still mad at heaven though.
And for the weekend, I'm thinking sonoma in D.C first, then twins jazz (i love the set up there...not necessarily the food, but more the music- grassroots performaces), or maybe...dancing at an African club...hmmm...we'll see. I will come up with more ideas by the end of the week:-)

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kokakolafanta said...

That too shall come to pass my sister, have faith.