Monday, December 03, 2007

Curiosity killed the cat

They say curiosity killed the cat and expect you to leave certain stones unturned, but my personal experiences say other wise.

Trust me. Always ask questions when you have them.

Although sometimes ignorance is bliss.
Will expand on this later..

any way how about those sudanese and the Teacher? The kids named the teddy bear muhammed... not the teacher. Their parents should be the ones punished for not teaching their muslim children that 'muhammed' is a name reserved only for people! Talk about intolerance!

Also on thanksgiving day, some dumbass in Maryland went out and shot his ex wife and all three kids.

In addition...I had no clue queen latifah was a lesbian!!! imagine my shock when i found out she proposed to her girlfriend???? I must have very poor gay-dar!

I had a nice weekend and hope you all did.

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kokakolafanta said...

I couldn't believe that they were giving the teacher problems over a teddy bear!