Saturday, December 15, 2007

The power of one

Okay so I got to bethesda and my aunts place had no parking. So I parked where I wasn't supposed to and stood by the car for a while since I was chatting on the phone. Well this Volkswagon passed me 3 times and slowed down each time when it got to me. Ofcourse because I am so damned attractive, I didn't pay him any mind. Finally I look up as he's walking towards me, and I start walking as well singing in my head "i'm too sexy for my dress...too sexy for my self, too sexy for sure" and doing my model on the cat walk stroll. Then he pauses to speak to me and i'm like "thank you Jesus!" because he is soooo flippin HOT! Then he goes "excuse me but you're parked in my spot."....tee hee hee! Here I was thinking he was circling me coz I'm irresitable! aaahhhh the mind of a conceited hussy!
So yesterday, I got my behind to DC on time and we ended up not going to Adams morgan because by the time I got there, the two love birds had decided they were having a romantic evening alone...and i really didn't feel like going out with only half the group, so I cooked dinner for the house hold and went to meet my friends.

Today I watched the power of one for the hundreth time. I was in my 'lest i forget my history' mode. (seriously if you understand what that need HELP!). Any way, if you ahven't seen it before you have got to watch it. I can not say enough nice things about it. It's a story of a young English boy groin up in South Africa during the apartheid error. It was also the same period that the Boers had taken over...and they couldn't stand the English either. The guy foes through a lot and makes friends with the Africans...and the story gets more interesting when he falls in love with a boer! It's not something that blockbuster would necessarily carry...well maybe. I got my copy off Amazon. Love it, love it love it!

I was out for the evening and just got back. They said the weather would be bad today, but I don't see any snow coming down yet. So I am happy:-) I all of a sudden have the urge to sing, but I would hate to wake the nieghbours up:-) waahhh!

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kokakolafanta said...

You're too amusing! guy when the car was circling you it didn't click kuti mwaba parking yabene?