Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's beginning to look like xmas...

I have so many plans at the moment, my brain is bursting! I am trying to logistically plan the weekend and the following it's kinda hectic.

You know what's funny? I think I have lived in America too long because the other day the guy from upstairs came over and as he was leaving, I was like "if I don't see you before christmas...have a happy christmas", and as i'm about to turn around I realised what I had done...coz that was sooo not politically correct since I had no clue whether he was a christian or not... so then I'm like, "oh I'm sorry, are you christian?" lucky for me he was! But you know in zed we just go around saying merry christmas to everyone and it's not a big deal.
It's such a big deal here because my hospital (which is a catholic institution by the way) had minora's (sp), and other things around the hospital...and I was like what the heck? If you're christian just post your aint gotta fit in dude!

I am also not done with shopping... I know, I am sooo bad. Well really I work better under stress than when I'm relaxed. My thinking skills are very hightened when I am stressed out. Also I am a huge procrastinator when I have the best way to make me decide is to take away all my options!

In any case, my baby brother is here and we have been summoned to Bethesda for a few days... nothing better than socializing with family. Initially I was gonna take the whole gang out and pay for drinks... but maaaannnn majority of these kids are Zambian and the other one is british.... they will "drink me broke". It's like 7 of us all together and they probably drink like i have to give them a 5 drink maximum per person and that should suffice as their xmas prezzy! lol.


African girl, American world said...

honey we are not too far from the Irish when it comes to liquor :) I remember seeing folk go through a whole crate of Mosi! Wasn't that like 24 beers? LOL, good move on your part.

Beautiful picture by the way....

Manena said...

awww! thanks for the made me feel so pretty! (sniff)
also...when we used to plan parties in zed, we used to plan one crate (24 beers) of mosi per person and i wont even say how many liquor bottles! Dude...zed people might drink more than the irish. I think we should get a grant to investigate this story:-) lol