Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Comrades...live free or die

Fox news had a story today about how many high profile blacks are not supporting/ funding the Obama race... now seriously. How is that important in 2008???? Will Obama be the president of black people only or of the UNITED States of America? If the high profile blacks do not like him is it a big deal??? That is their choice and they shouldn't be forced to like him just because he's black and oprah says he's aiiight...!!!
When will people get that you judge a person based not on their COLOR or SEX, but on what a person believes in or how they behave??? I am really tired of ignorance and unfortunately there are too many dummy's out there! Look at the story below...
This dumb ass white anchor apparently said Tiger Woods should be LYNCHED by the new golfers... now I'm sure she didn't mean it like that... you know blonde's...like reaalllyyy...

Also, what was up with Hellary's ...oops... Hillary's fake tears??? first of all lady, if I was voting, that would have been enough for me to say "Oh hell no!!!", I do not want a president that's going to break down and cry when China says they can't trade...or Pakistan calls her a dumb ass! I mean c'mmon!
Okay as usual I am nervous about the results for tonight. Well with all the time McCain spent in NH... he had better win:-) I am happy for McCain.
My little friend Ron Paul did well too I think... for as little press/ air time he gets... 8-9% is kind of good. He beat Thompson...:-)
As for The dems... ahh... I like how confident Edwards sounds even though he's 3rd place:-)
Look at the crazy story below
These crazy Muslims get more amazing by the day! This dude killed his daughters in Texas as part of an "honor" killing! What??? The world amazes me!!!
Offline:- I like to listen to listen to the candidates give their speeches... it makes me proud to be an American...lolololol!!!!!!!!!


African girl, American world said...

Lefted...girl what we gon do? LOL
Now you know it don't take much to connect Zambian family dots, watch us be related! Let's research!

Manena said...

honey I was in stitches when i heard about Lefted! You have more resources than I do...so I will entrust the task to you:-) Ask papa win white...LOL