Sunday, January 06, 2008

Endita M'kwai...

Absolutely busy week:-)
You know my brother is always going on about how badly my spellings are on this site and I have been trying to explain to him that half the time when I type, I am either on the phone, watching T.V, or doing something else...I really never concentrate which is why I oft appear to have ADHD coz I keep losing track of what I was trying to I really don't have ADHD or ADD or whatever...I just have a silly habit of doing several things at one time.

Besides if you all read my declaration when I first got started you will clearly see that English is of course my second language, so I don't care too much to speak it correctly. I still haven't a clue what my first language is... but I will be sure to let you know when I figure that out.

So feel free to edit what I write in your heads, because I certainly don't have time to look for typo's and wrong words on my blog before I post them and I haven't the patience for spell check. I am not a writer by profession...I am a lover...lololol!

At the same time, I have little respect for native English speakers that speak and write worse than I do...E.G. confusing there & their, whether & weather... peeves me out!

Any way: the week was quite eventful. I went to see 3 of my mums Thursday... and most of the guests have flown back to their respective countries.

Then Friday I worked and then went for sushi, then had people over at my house for wine because I have a lot of bottles left over from the holidays.
Then Saturday, I went to Cheswa's house for lunch. She did a major presentation of Nshima, beans, okra, and 2 types of chicken for Vicky and I.

I had a great time playing with the kids...I haven't seen Gabriella since she was 3 months old. I fancied myself a mum for a few minutes while holding her, then she burped on me...and that was enough birth control

and miss Khanyisile a.k.a lexie doodles can not stop smiling:-) She's too adorable

I had my hair all up in Vicky's face because I am selfish with pictures:-)

Later in the evening...I was of course running on African time and was late for Melisa's party:-) The girl's weren't too amused coz they had to wait for me. I ate too much at Cheswa's lunch because I assumed the party was only going to have cheesy finger food like pizza, turkey and ham sandwiches... you know the usual white people food...:-) So I was shocked when I ascended the stairs and found table after table, of absolutely delicious food! They had shrimp wrapped in bacon, quiches, salmon, tuna, chicken varieties, spring rolls, empanadas, several types of dip, some potato pierogi like things...brownies, pumpkin something wheels, eclairs, muffins and other things I don't know... all this stuff was home made...from scratch! I was like daaang mama! It was very impressive. They also had a football game going on... and I thought I was sooo Jessica Simpson when it comes to the game but Wagner is sooo much worse that I am! I had to explain to her who Peyton and Eli Manning were and some other "how did you know that Manena?" trivia.
I however concluded that Melisa's husband needs to be cloned...while we're at at we can clone Annalisa's husband too. Melissa's husband went all out for her 30Th birthday, and he in addition will be flying her and a few friends to Las Vegas!! He also has a limo ready and all sorts of stuff. Oh did I mention he's a bar tender and the drinks were over flowing?


kokakolafanta said...

aaawwww!!! Those babies are sooo cute! So when is your's coming? can I send you a fertility doll? how about saint Gerard pendant? you know he be workin miracles with conception:-)

Manena said...

your mbuya! I am waiting for your dumb ass to get pregaz... then I will surely rush to the sperm bank for a withdrawal!
Where's my shirt by the way???