Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Karibu 2008

First of all... thank Jehovah that mine eyes have seen 2008...my body is intact as is my mind...well sorta:-)

Any way...my plans changed last night about 6 times!!!! You know how I like to act like a pregnant woman-- uku sabaila (not sure of English equivalent- sorry)
My designated driver (DD) messed up big time! She changed her mind almost last minute, something to do with a wardrobe malfunction...and at first I was going to take a cab to the party at the 'rich people's home' lol... but than I changed my mind about that because I was only going to know one other person there, which killed it for me because I was in a major celebratory mood.

So then I got invitations to go to New York, Washington DC, or some local party here in B'more. The B'more party sounded more like my cup of tea because I was totally against driving! So I bought a few wines for the party...got started on some cinzano at home...and was SLOSHED before midnight.
I tried to call Jimmy to take me to the party, but the phones were acting up, so i settled on my little Jewish friend Ira. He's so cute...:-) (i'm only saying that coz he paid me), It turned out that he was free too, so he came over immediately, which was great coz we brought in the new year together and then headed off to one of the local parties...which sucked big time! So we left after like ten minutes and went to see fireworks... then came back to my place and acted like fools!

I knew the situation was out of hand when we started shooting music videos of ourselves... booooyyyy we were TIDDLY!!! I shalln't disclose how much we consumed because that is improper:-) I am so lucky I rarely get hangovers. (I drink plenty of water before and after) The "party" went on till like 4am when little Ira went home. I was waiting on the neighbors to knock on my door about the noise or something, but they didn't which was perfect because I would have probably cussed them out for telling me I'm noisy on new years day:-) lol. We did bubbles, champers and photo ops:)


Update:- I just got off the phone and heard some not-so-good news. Please pray for my mother's cousin if you can. She has cardiomegaly...not sure why. She had no money and didn't have the resourses for the right treatment. She is currently with my mum and I will hopefully speak with her tomorrow. On a brighter note: her ex-husband (who she's been divorced from for over 20 years) says he will pay for her to go to England for treatment, or assist in any other way. Bless his heart!!! Just when I had established that men are complete losers...he proved me wrong!

My mum's cousin aunt Rose is a retired nurse, and she took care of my father when he was sick...and was with him when he breathed his last. So I really feel I owe her and wish I could do more to help.

Any way... let me cook something i am starved and have some phone calls to make.


African girl, American world said...

man I forgot all about cinzano! LOL. Bless Ira for putting up with you :)

kokakolafanta said...

Happy new year ba sista!
Koma mwabwela hot hot hot!
Iwe is that Ira from the train? lol that boy is crazy!

Manena said...

lol...Mwabi:- it's the other way around! kokakola is right Ira is crazy!