Thursday, January 31, 2008

What to do?

The anesthesiologist was sick this all operations were put on hold at work...and I was sent home really early. I worked for a total of 2 hours:-) so I guess it sucks to be the rest of you stuck at work innit? lol.

As always, I can not wait for friday. I may go to 'the beatles revival' in D.C. tomorrow night, but not really sure of the details though it sounds like fun! I get the sudden urge to dress in my '60's best and do an afro or something:-)

Any hooo, it turns out Edwards and Rudy have bowed out gracefully. Considering the circumstances, I think they have made the right choice. Rudy coz...welll he wasn't going anywhere and like I said from the start he should have let his legacy rest tied to 9/11/01. As for Edwards... as I said from the start, dude should have been home taking care of his dying wife.

The democrats are no longer a 'may-the-best-man-win' competition. It's now heavily centered on race and sex, which is just unfortunate! I wish people would move away from selecting people using such trivial factors as race and sex when the real question is: can the person do the job or not. period.

My predictions--
  • If the dems send Hellary forward as their prez- Then Reps. will certainly win.
  • If the dems send might go either way. Only problem is-- will he make it to the White house or follow in the footsteps of JFK? 'specially now that he's been given the Kennedy's seal of approval... aren't they supposed to be the cursed royal family? Dude if I were Obama I would be purchasing some holy water and having a church revival at my house after this!!!!
  • If the dems keep pulling scabs off each other... the reps will win.


Moving on:- in the world of soccer- Zambia drew Egypt yesterday 1-1...which is super cool since Egypt had beaten Cameroon 4-2...which is weird since Cameroon beat Zed 5-1. On a funny note-- every team in group C beat Sudan 3-0...that's quite hillarious! It almost sounds like a rigged game:-P....!

Kenyans are back to their usual kill the bugger tricks... and the laughable African Union is in discussion as to how to progress in this matter. Well... the A.U. couldn't contain Sudanese militia, has failed in Congo, Chad...etc and couldn't even get Mugabe's old ass to retire.... what will they do for Kenya??!! aahhhhh.... the issues of sovereignty revisited...

I think to sort out the problems in Africa, you need a real dictator running the whole damned continent! Gaddafi has offered as much and has been rejected. His crazy ass even says he'll only deal with Europe and the middle east if Africa rejects him again! lolol... and that's supposed to scare someone? who's he kidding!

I am off to try to read... shalenipo bwino (stay well: Bemba)


African girl, American world said... people my people.
I just read about the South African ANC President who is in line to be the next President married his 4th or 5th wife. One of the wives committed suicide and this dude was even on trail for rape for sleeping with an HIV woman...he got off by saying he took a shower after sex so he wouldn't catch HIV!
*sigh* I AM DONE!

Gordon Bishop said...

You have a great blog, keep it up and also go check, go blog for Africa!

kokakolafanta said...

Yes! Gadaffi should take over and maybe the Zambian team will start winning at the ACF's...ndipo sure 5-1?? ni net ball?