Sunday, January 27, 2008


Okay, now that I'm more settled...tee hee hee:-) Let me tell you how the rest of the week went.
As predicted I was late for the Chopteeth concert If you care to know who they are I think it is. They are like an afropop/ salsa-ish type of group. I first heard them in b'more a few years ago when they had a male lead singer at artscape. So when i found out they were playing free in D.C. I figured that I might as well go listen!
side bar: lololololol, Life is soooo interesting! If there's a probability something can usually happens to me! why did that's okay I am laughing too hard to complete my sentence... lets move on!

I ended up not going to Step Afrika! though because I wasn't really in the mood. I have had too much mental stimulation this week I feel mentally and emotionally exhausted if that's possible. Oh and thanks to C$, I got to bed after 3am last night....I am not complaining:-) lol.

Zambia as you all know from the fact that i'm not singing lost to Cameroon Saturday and I watched the game...and it was MISERABLE I tell you. I mean I know the team kinda sucks...but I think their morale was low because 'someone' is trying to trick them out of the money promised to them for winning games! I actually stopped watching at 4-0... but was somewhat consoled that the result was 5-1.

Oh and because I'm such a great evaluation was 28/30 which is quite high I must say...and I got an on the spot award for excellence on Friday:-) what joy!!! I am seriously just that good:-)

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umm...hmm ninga vitenge va paka bwanji guy?