Saturday, January 12, 2008

Way I see it...

This weekend I may have several posts....I feel like I have plenty to say, and well I may bored:-)
I have plans to see Juno today or probably a play 'Joe turner's come and gone'
They both start at about the same time so it shouldn't really be a problem.

Okay:- I can not believe they are debating whether to require Id's when voting or how stiff measures should be when one goes to vote. The law of this country (USA) as with most, allows only CITIZENS to vote. That is simple and straight forward. How are they supposed to know if you're legally allowed to vote if you don't take the necessary paperwork in with you? Apparently some states let you vote so long as you sign an affidavit saying you're a citizen...WHAT??? doesn't that leave room for someone to pay off Amadu and Jose to pretend they are citizens and vote?
They also say that some poor people can't get their Id's (cost and all). Elections are not a surprise in this country. It's not like other countries which tell you..."oh it looks like we'll have elections on the 4th of march, or maybe the 10th of November three years from now." There are no surprises. If you were really keen to vote, you should have been prepared innit?
When looking for a job, or receiving government funding aren't you required to have some form of identity? So why shouldn't you have it when you vote?

To avoid some complications, I would suggest that more ad's should be running now to encourage people to vote. Also there should be more ad's and people coming out to poor communities telling people what they NEED in order to vote and helping them prepare for election day.

Last week I was listening to NPR and they were discussing something to do with drugs. The main speaker was I think a former police man and he was just saying he believes that if drugs are legalised, their value will drop, hence most of the problems that come with drugs will be reduced.
As a tax payer, I agree with some of what he had to say. For one thing, he says a syringe costs about $0.09 cents.... why aren't they given to drug abusers for free to help curb some blood borne diseases that come with sharing syringes? Well the response by some would be, that it would be sending the wrong message that it's okay to use drugs.
From a financial perspective, 9 cents a week roughly amounts to $4 a year and some change per person right?
well lack of that $4, leads to several abusers sharing one syringe and spreading...oh I don't know...say HIV?, How much will it cost the tax payer to purchase Arv's and other goodies for that one drug abuser we could have saved had we just given him the syringes?

Don't get me wrong... drugs are a bad habit and those that are addicted need to be helped.

I can not even pretend to understand drug addiction, because the strongest pain medication I have ever taken is Advil..a.k.a Ibuprofen. I am too chicken to try new medication because I react strangely to little meds like benadryl or sudafed... so I have no interest in finding out what something stronger would do.

Oh man! I am running late as usual.... I need to go out for a bit and buy stuff to make my secret humus recipe:-)

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